Notes from the CEO

Study is Over, Time for Work

Urban Outfitters HQ - Philadelphia, PA

The Urban Outfitters Headquarters Building at the former Navy Yards in Philadelphia

As a part of the Metro Chamber’s Annual Study Mission I had the honor of being one 77 regional representatives who traveled to Philadelphia to learn how that city has taken on challenges very similar to what we are facing and changed for the better.

The trip was nothing short of amazing. Philadelphia is an incredible city full of people doing pretty incredible things. I may be a bit biased, but still say it has nothing on Sacramento. One of the things this trip brought to light, for me at least, was not how far our region has to go, but what we DO have to celebrate. Great Mexican food and wine, while glaring, are not the only things, in contrast to Philly, our region should be proud of.

Now that the delegation is back in California and the “study” portion of the trip is over, the REAL work can begin. This is the exciting part as I have not only sensed but heard from others that the forward momentum produced by this trip is more forceful than ever before. Great things are in store and the work that will soon commence has a real chance to effect positive change in our region.

One example: a regional branding initiative is in the works! It has been discussed for some time now (this was something the delegation brought back from Denver and New Orleans as well) but now has some real legs. And we’re going at it in a new way. Something of a series of “civic hack-a-thons” will commence to solidify our region’s story. These efforts will produce a shared narrative about what makes this region special. This is something we’ve needed for some time. In Philly I noticed even the Uber drivers were a part of the “street team.” They touted the city and how far it had come like they were getting commission on it. The same was true for those we encountered who worked in retail, restaurants, or any business we happened to tell about our group and why we were there.

This is exciting because it not only needs to happen but because the excitement and energy produced by the study mission trip and its participants is not going to be lost because we all have gotten back to business as usual here at home.

And this is just one example. There are myriad other ways the work being done to make our region a world-class one is inspired by the work done on the Study Mission. I encourage anyone who loves this place and calls it home to join the civic hack movement! Great things are in store Sacramento … and it’s NOT ONLY because we have much better Mexican food and wine than Philly. So. Much. Better. It’s good to be home.


Erica L. Taylor
Vice President, Communications & Community Relations Director

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