Notes from the CEO

United Effort Will Drive The Next Economy

Introducing the "Next Economy" Project

As the president and CEO of local business, I believe it is my duty to do all I can to help foster economic growth in our region.  Some may say that is easier said than done, talk is cheap, etc. I’m proud to report that distinct and meaningful action is being taken to create a regional jobs plan that will help us move forward with shared vision and a common goal. It is rarely what we do on our own but what we do together that makes the greatest strides.

On Friday August 26, I had the pleasure of speaking at this year’s 16th Annual Sacramento Metro Chamber’s State of the Region event. There, I introduced the Next Economy project. This will be a collaborative, regional effort that will focus creating jobs.

Spearheaded by four local non-profit economic development organizations; the Metro Chamber, SACTO, SARTA, and Valley Vision, each organization plays a unique role. The Metro Chamber will serve as the “voice of business,” SACTO will drive business recruitment and economic development, SARTA will embody the regions entrepreneurial spirit, and lastly Vision Valley will be the voice of regional planning and execution.  The Next Economy project brings these organizations together and will end the days of a siloed approach to economic development.

The project has four phases and began in late-May. Phase 1, the start-up phase, has been completed.  The next phase is projected to be completed by the end of 2011, and consists of gathering data to identify our regional strengths for strategic economic growth.  Phase 3 will include extensive community outreach to evaluate the regions opportunity for capital investment.  Lastly, phase 4 will be the publication of our Next Economy Regional Prosperity Plan.

In the end, the plan will have empirical evidence of what will work to turn our economy around and clearly laid out steps to help us get there.

You will hear more about this effort in the coming months as we report on progress and research outcomes. I invite and encourage all public and private sector leaders to join the effort, to roll up your sleeves, and be a part of a project that will turn our regional economy into a shining example of not only economic prosperity, but also what can be accomplished through true collaboration and united vision.

For more information, please visit the Next Economy website here or contact me directly at

James E. Beckwith
President and Chief Executive Officer
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